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Twin XL Mattress in Monterey Park

American Community 2009 According to the survey, Monterey Park is 43.7%, a Chinese-American, and a city in the United States, which is largely focused on people of Chinese descent. China and the Americas are relatively diverse in the socio-economic and origin regions of Monterey Park and the San Gabriel Valley. The city attracted immigrants from Taiwan, as well as from China and South-East Asia. Monterey Park is also home to a large Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean and Taliban community. Although the number of Americans born in America was several generations, as a rule, there has been a decline in the Monterey Park, a small influx of Mexican immigrants (about one percent of the population growth). There were 19,564 families in the country, of whom 31.3% were 18 years old, 55.4% were married, 15.8% were married, and 22.1% were married. Of all households, 17.3% are composed of people, and 8.7% live alone, 65 years or older. The average family size is 3.06 and the family is 3.43.

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