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How long can you sleep? (chronic insomnia that kills)

Can you live and not sleep? On the Internet, we find stories of people who say they don't sleep at all, or that they will last a long time without sleep, but none of these has ever been scientifically researched and proven. So the stories of Vietnamese who have not slept for 35 years and are still in great shape are fiction. Instead, we know cases of death caused by long-term insomnia. There is also a very rare, genetically hereditary disease - so-called. lethal family insomnia (fatal insomnia). This disorder is the result of mutation of one of the proteins in the brain, leading to disorders of sleep regulation. The affected individual begins to suffer from chronic insomnia and dies within 7-36 months of the onset of the first symptoms. So far, this disease has occurred in 40 families in the world (of which up to 16 are Baskov families). Unfortunately, no one who has become ill has been rescued. Also, research conducted on mice has confirmed a close link between sleep deprivation and death.

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