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Twin Mattress in West Los Angeles

In the eastern state of Cartagua, Los Angeles, he received a higher education. 60.4% of 25 year olds and older people were 4 years old, which is higher than in other cities in the city. The neighbors in the West Los Angeles suburb include: Los Angeles County Health Department SPA 5 West Health Department serves West Los Angeles. Emergency Services The Los Angeles Police Department operates at the West Los Angeles police station at 1663 Bldler Avenue. Los Angeles fire department 59, 11505 W. Olympic Boulevard, serves the area. Primary and Secondary Schools Public Schools Western Los Angeles is a Los Angeles Unified School District. Elementary Schools: Benton Avenue, Canfield Elementary School, Castle Heights Elementary School, Charnock Road Primary School, Cheviot Hills Elementary School, Clover Avenue Primary School, Midnight Yard Elementary School, Nora Sterry Elementary School, Overland Elementary School, Shenandoah and Warner High School. High schools: Emerson, Palms and Webster. High schools are Hamilton's high school, Los Angeles's enriched research center, University High School and Indian sources, continuing education, all in the same place.

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