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Twin Mattress in Venice

In 1929, oil was discovered on the Washington Street on the Venetian peninsula, now known as the Marina Peninsula in Los Angeles. During the two years, 450 wells have been exposed to the area, and the drilling waste has damaged the remaining water pipes. It was a short hail, which provided the necessary income for the affected community during the Great Depression. Holes in oil production in the 1970s. Los Angeles neglected for a long time overlooked Venice, which in the 1950s turned into a sea of trees. 1930 With the exception of the new police and fire brigades, the city has spent a bit less on desertification. The city did not build a trolley bus (Pacific Avenue) until 1954, when the district and state funds became available. The low cost of the teddy bear was mainly attracted to European immigrants (including a significant number of Holocaust survivors) and young artists, poets and writers. Relaxing generation was dependent on the "Ocean Front" park and at the Gas Café in the Venetian Café's Western Café. Police reactors were often at that time. Past group activity

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