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Twin Mattress in Universal City

After the First World War, Laml brought more people from war to Europe, raising the salary to 70. His cheerful nepotism was immortalized in the comedy's Ogden Nash ballet. Uncle Carl Lemmel is a big movie. Carl Lemmel was responsible for creating a "star system" and not only for using anonymous actors in films. Lamll had to stop his studio tours in the 1920s, when the rumors began and the "silence collection" became absolute. In 1936 he sold his great amusement. Until 1939 At the age of 72, he helped to bring more than 200 German-Jewish refugees to Los Angeles. Nephi Max founded the Lammla network of local theaters. Universal City has not yet received tourists until 1964 July 15, when Hollywood's Universal Steve's Garden opened and a studio tour. Over the next few decades, hotels, amphitheater and Universal CityWalk (elegant city streets and a popular place for tourists and locals) have appeared.

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