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Twin Mattress in Tujunga

In 1925, after organizing TUUNUN, a city was set up in the city of Sanlur, which was located in the new municipality, but this idea was rejected in October of that year with "heavy voting" and pay attention to the proposed new $ 21,000 new school building. Early Toungga, 1907-1929. In 1907, social philosopher and public figure William Ellsworth Smith united the real estate expert Marshall V. The movement succeeded in creating a colony in California's San Isidro and Ideal. Utopias have their slogan "Little Country and Many Life" and the founders distributed their community 1.5 acres (6.100 m 2), which they called "small land". 1913 The Community Center, built in August, is a historic monument and museum operated by the Little Mountains Historical Society. : 32-39

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