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Twin Mattress in Toluca Lake

In 1893, the US Postal Service was sent to create a post office in this area called "Tolyak" post office. General Charles Ford, a wealthy local landlord and one of the mediators, later announced that the word "tolkka" was chosen from the word "meaning", meaning "fruitful" or "beautiful" valley. Despite the fact that the Lancaster railway station called Lencershim, which was opened in 1893 for a post office opened in 1893, is traditionally called Lankershim and South Thailand Railway Station, Foran called its farm and the surrounding land "Tolyan ",. One of the richest men in Nevada, Foreman, grew from scratch, first by mining, then by cattle breeding, then by timber. Los Angeles's mother, Maria Agnes Gray, was traveling to the end of the 1880s to build a Kern River energy company that supplies electricity to the Canal River, Los Angeles. He also bought a wealthy agricultural land that included the western part of the modern Tolan lake and at least the "old and historic" lake pond, now called Tolca Lake. In 1923, Forman Toluca Lake Ranch became a prosperous peach, apple and root producer. Modern development

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