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Twin Mattress in Temple City

Keith Wilson is accused of three forms of fraud and bribery. Authorities' accusations in 2008 A Los Angeles County Jury claimed two allegations of misrepresentation of reports in honest political practice. Although he maintained his innocence, he decided not to want to be asked, and his case went on. 2011 year On March 30, Wilson did not blame all charges. "Oh, yes, I have to prove my innocence," said Wilson, 78, at the Criminal Justice Center. Clara Shortridge asked when she was going to attend the trial. "I will not invest my savings in life ... if I do not believe in my innocence. It's completely destroyed. " 2011 year In May, he was sentenced for six crimes. He was convicted in 2011. On June 23, he was sentenced to four years' imprisonment and paid more than $ 10,000 in compensation to the payer.

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