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Twin Mattress in Sylmar

1904 Olive oil of Sylmar was first in Louisiana, St. Louis, Missouri, Louis and Clark, Portland, Oregon, and in 1915. San Panama-Pacific International Exhibition in Francisco. 1922 The supervisory cycle of the Los Angeles Olive Producers Association, which belongs to FD Bitterfeld's property (Sharlot M. Beatersfield, heir), bought Charles Moore from San Francisco and his name has changed to Sylmar Packing Corporation. Management remained the association's president, Frank Simmonds. At that time, the property had 140,000 trees. Some of the olive trees were still growing in silk for decades when they were planted. In 1963, twenty-five olive oils were removed from the Sylmar pantry hall and then built (below) for the Bush Bard's planting, an entertainment center in Van Nation. Disasters and failures of the 1971 earthquake:

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