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Twin Mattress in Sierra Madre

1921 Windsor Lane and Montesito's bakery bread were called the official organization of the Sierra Madre volunteer fire department. Sierra Madré was the last volunteer fire department in the Greater Los Angeles area until 2017. Relocated paid post office. 1922 On January 1, the Bethanyian temple was dedicated. The structure of the historic dome-shaped magic church was built and written by almost blind Louis Doo Cornelius. Surb Khach Church was built on Sierra Maje Avenue. The Romanesque Renaissance building was developed by Marsh, Smith and Powell. 1927 In July, the Sierra Madrid Club of Quintessence was created. 1931 On April 21, the first meeting of Sierra Madrid's historic company took place on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the city. 1936 The city decree officially changed the name of Central Avenue to Sierra Mejie Avenue. 1938 In March, after the catastrophic hurricanes and floods, numerous local resorts were destroyed as well as the John's Muir Lodge in Santa Anita's Grand Canary in Sierra Madera. There is no trace of that. In 1939, the city acquired 760 acre (3.1 km2) in the mountains of St. Gabriel, near Orchard Camp, to avoid pollution of water supply.

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