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Twin Mattress in Sawtelle

The northern remnant of the Sotel district, where the federal lands are located, the home of the soldiers, as well as the hospital, the cemetery and the federal administrative buildings of the veteran administration, are left without corporation. It is not a city of Los Angeles, but in the county district of the county is governed by the Los Angeles County Department. Composition and borders This is a large area of 1.82 square meters. Miles (4.7 km2) is roughly limited to the East 405 in the east, the National Boulevard in the South, the Saint-Benedet Boulevard in the west, the Brookings Avenue in the North, the San Vicente Lake and the Los Angeles Spa Center, unincorporated. Since the combined Sawtelle area currently represents the northern part of West Los Angeles, it limits the Bistro and Westwood areas in the north to the western Los Angeles. In the North, the rest of West Los Angeles, which is not considered part of the Souttelle district.

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