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Twin Mattress in San Fernando

The Kauvega Treaty, which concluded the Mexican American War in Alta, was signed in 1847. Calgary and Americans, California, Cape Verdego, suburb of San Fernando Valley (North Hollywood), 1848 The GuardPelly-Edaligo agreement ended the whole war. California State, and then 1874 JB Lankershim and Isaac Van Nuys began to grow dry wheat, which was very effective for the San Fernando Chapel Association, which belonged to the southern half of the valley. In 1876, they sent the first wheat to the port of San Pedro and to the US from Europe. At the end of the 19th century, Los Angeles v. Pomero, Los Angeles, received the right of all surface water flows on the valley below the valley, without leaving the city. Farmers in the San Fernando Valley offered to buy water pipes, but the federal law that allowed the construction of the water pipe was banned from selling water out of Los Angeles. This has prompted several independent cities in Los Angeles to vote and confirm urban dislocation so they can join the urban water system. These rural settlements became part of Los Angeles in 1915.

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