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Twin Mattress in Reseda

Reseda was one of the first suburbs in the San Fernando Valley. The Big Farm was divided and the area was developed by real estate agents since World War II veterans returned home. The familiar orange trees consistently flowed into the flat. At that time, most of the time worked in the Los Angeles basin and in the south on the mountains of Santa Monica. In 1950, more than 16,000 people resided in Resida, and in the early 1950's, the population was blown up from the most famous and populated villages of the Redwood River. For this reason, Reseda's dealers have provided bus services to customers in busy central areas of Roseville. In the early 1950's, the valley's population reached 400,000. 1949 The average new dwelling house is $ 9,000. In 1955 the same house could be sold for almost $ 15,000. However, even this price, household income was about $ 6,000 annually, bringing the income higher than the average Republic. In 1960, the average market value of the house in Valley Valley reached $ 18,850.

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