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Twin Mattress in Porter Ranch

2016 On February 18, government officials announced that the outflow was permanently enforced. 2016 On March 12, the Los Angeles County Public Health Department announced that the analysis of dust in wooden houses detected metal, including good, which could result in health symptoms that some residents even reported after a long break. . gas leakage was blocked. According to the United States 2000 census, the population was 24,923. According to Los Angeles City Planning Department, in 2008 the population made 30 571 people. The density of the population is one square mile per square mile (1723 / km 2), with the population density ranging from Ranch Porter to one of the lowest density settlements in the area. The city of Los Angeles, but the density is roughly average. Ethnic Cosmetics According to Los Angeles Times Mapping LA, Porter Ranch was "moderately diverse" with a relatively high proportion of Asian and white people nearby. 2000 Indicators were 60.9% of white, 26.8% of Asian population, 7.5% of Spanish, 1.8% of black and 3.0% of other tribes.

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