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Twin Mattress in Playa Vista

Playa Vista sands and landscaping zones are served in 100% recycled water. At present, the developing borders are roughly the cliffs of the London Boulevard and the Western Bloney Wells, the Ballona Creek in the east, the Sentinela Avenue in the east, and the Rock Ridge Hills in the West Rocky Hills. Playa Vista is bordered by the unsettled enclave of the Marina del Rey in the north-west, the Plaza de Rai district in the southwest, the Luzola Marimunte University and the southwest, south, east and southeast, and the Del Ray district in the north-west. According to the LA Mapping, Los Angeles Times, Plaza Wiston, is north-west, bordered by Del Ray, in the north and east of the Culver City, Westchester, and from the west to Marina del Rey.

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