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Twin Mattress in Playa Del Rey

Los Angeles Fire Station 5 (Westchester / LAX Area) is in the area. The Los Angeles Police Department manages the Pacific Police Culver Boulevard 12312, 90066, which serves the area. The 5th West Area Health Office of the Health Department of the Los Angeles District Health Department serves Playa del Rey. Playa del Rey is completely located in the 11th city of Los Angeles and represents Mike Bonney in the City Council. Playa del Rey is located in the united school district of Los Angeles. The district is in 4 districts. Since 2009, Steve Zimmer represents the district. School districts include in 2014, the Wisburn School District allows parents to send their children to Playa del Rey for Wisburn schools for international transfers. Coordinates: 33 ° 56'56 "118 ° 26'41" e / 33.94889 °. 118.44472 DEG / 33.94889; -118,44472

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