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Twin Mattress in Pasadena

The first of the largest hotels in Pasadena was Raymond (1886) at the top of Bacon Hill, renamed Raymond Hill after its construction. Pasadena served at Atzison, Topeka, and Santa Fe, in the Santa Fe safe-deposit box at the city center, in 1887. The second district was opened. The original quadruple Victorian complex of the 200 rooms burned in Easter morning in 1895 was restored in 1903 to occupy a demolished, residential building site during the Great Depression. The Maryland Hotel exists in the early 1900's and collapsed in 1934. The world famous Mount Loe railway and its mountainous hotels were closed four years later due to a fire. The three buildings of the hotel have survived. Green Hotel (co-operative since 1926), Vista Del Arroyo (now a federal court) and Maryland's residential tower at 80 North Ivlid Street (co-operative since 1953). ): The Age of Craftsmen (1890-30)

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