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Twin Mattress in Pacoima

In 1888, the city's main street was placed in the center of the district, about one hundred feet wide and 8 miles long. The street was the first Taylor Avenue, in honor of President Taylor, and then renamed into Parseing Street. Today is known for its current name, Van Nuys Boulevard. The building rules are: The value of the houses must be at least $ 2,000. The case of a landlord contains a provision according to which if the liqueur was sold on that property, it is returned to Utah Alen or his heirs. However, like a train station, a large hotel, a large two-story school and many commercial buildings, most of them were demolished several years later when the boat was over. The first pioneers did not approve of the industry, which ultimately led to the fact that people moved from the exclusive suburbs that created their new jobs to their workplace and Pacoima returned to rural, agricultural roots.

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