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Twin Mattress in Northridge

1962 North Nobel High School is the first airport school in the school district of Los Angeles. In 1982, the Board of Directors considered the closure of Prairie Street North Avenue. It is located at the California State University, Northridge Campus, and this University used Prairie as a laboratory school. 1983 In April, the LAUSD Advisory Committee recommended the closure of eight LAUSD training courses, including Prairie Street. 1983 In August, the council publicly considered Prairie's closure, with 280 students attending. In 1984, the council voted to close the school at Prairie Street. 1985 Some parents tried to open the Prairie school on the street. Middle and Lower Grade Northridge. Public Private University California State University, Northridge or CSUN, is part of the California State University system, offers bachelor and master degrees in a range of subjects The school is the largest producer of K12 teachers in the region and nationwide. CSUN also has engineering, business and film programs.

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