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Twin Mattress in Monrovia

In 1923 a state-type city council was set up. 1930 Monrovia Airport, also known as the Flying Foothill Club, was created for commercial. The small runway claimed that in 1932, There were 12,000 paid subscribers at the airport, and in 1938, On May 19, the first plane landed at Monrovia Airport. The operation of the airport has changed several times during its operation, but pilots remember it as "the smallest airport in the country." Besides the Riley Brothers, the TWA captain and the former pilot of Kalman Irwin and Pancho Barnes Airshow, the airport is known as a movie. The first film shot at Monrovia's airport was "Battle Trial." Other films shot at the airport included 20,000 people a year, "Big Airjacking" and, in particular, "Big Fuss", with Laurel and Hardy. The 35-minute airplane, as a runway, as well as the airplane repair and storage facility, had to shut down in 1953 after it was sold to the University Corporation for reconstruction because of land costs.

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