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Twin Mattress in Malibu

Most of Big Rock Drive was acquired in 1936 by William Randolph Hermitage, who was considered as the property owner in that area. In 1944, he sold his lower half of Art Jones. Jones was one of Malibu's famous realists, starting with the initial rental of the Ringe plot in the Colombian colony. He also owns a Malibu Inn, Malibu Trading Post and Big Rock Beach café (which is now Moonshadows restaurant). At the top of Big Rock, owned by Philip Makinani, 80 hectares (32 hectares) belonged, and in 1919 he purchased two cabins, one of which was burnt in 1959, and the other was the Malibu fire. McAnany Way named her name. The Malibu Colony The Malibu Colony was one of the first private houses in Malibu after opening in 1926. One of the most famous areas of Malibu, located south of the Malibu Road and the Pacific Ocean, east of Malibu Laguna Beach and from the Malibu Bluffs Park (formerly State Park). Ming Ring protected Malibu Coast with several wealthy Hollywood stars on holiday homes. Ringe opened this small area in 1926. For Development: The long court battle to protect his beloved Malibu coast was very expensive, and he eventually died brighter. The Malibu Colony, known as the well-known wealthy people, today is a community with a few million dollars in smaller areas. The Colombian has views of the Pacific Ocean, looking toward the state of Georgia, stretching from Santa Monica to Rancho Pallas Verdes in the south (local name: Queen's Necklace) and the Point Dame bluffs in the north.

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