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Twin Mattress in Hollywood

Director DV Griffith is the first film in Hollywood. His 17-minute short film, "Old California" (1910), was shot for "Biography". Though the same movies that they did not have in the same year were banned in Hollywood in the same year, there were no such restrictions in Los Angeles. The first film of the Hollywood Nestor Motion Picture Company studio was shot in 1911. On October 26th. Home HJ Wheatley was used as a collection of films, and the senseless film was shot in their trees at the corner of Wheatley and Hollywood Boulevard. The first Nestor Studio in Hollywood was founded in 1967. In October, Saint-Barthelemy, New Jersey, at the Sunset 6121 Boulevard (Gower Corner) highway. Four major films: Paramount, Warner Bros., RKO and Columbia, studios in Hollywood, as well as several smaller companies and rental studios. In the 1920s, Hollywood was the fifth largest country in the world. In the 1930s, the Hollywood studio was fully vertically integrated, since these companies controlled production, distribution, and exhibit, allowing Hollywood to produce 600 films a year.

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