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Twin Mattress in El Monte

El Monte is a city census of 1860 and 1870, in 1860. With 1004 population and 1870 1254. 1860 The city is home to several old reeds in the area of El Monte, including Rancho Potero Grande, Rancho La Puente and Rancho La Merid. (This area currently includes El Monte, Monterey Park and La Puente cities, among others). The 1870 census was added to the former Azusa village. In 1873, a railroad warehouse was built in the South Pacific, promoting the development of local agriculture. 20th Century El Monte 1912 Included as City Hall. In the 1930s, the city became the "New Drive" federal utility program "Transportation Management", which helped the applicants to provide one family farm. It became a home for many white migrants from the 1930s, from Doug Bowl's migration. Famous photographer Dorothea Lange has taken many photographs of his home in the Farm Jr. administration. Social and labor conflicts have also taken place in this region since 1933. El Monte Berri's strike shed light on institutional racism facing Japanese farmers and Latin American workers.

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