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Twin Mattress in Culver City

Hundreds of films have been featured in numerous Culver City studios - Sony Pictures Studios (originally MGM Studios), Culver Studios and former Hal Roach studios. They include "Ozi Wizard", "Thin Man", "Go With the Wind", Rebecca, Tarzan series and the original King Kong. Later, Culver City films include Lubricant, Raging Bull, Alien, Urban Dudes, BBC-1, Wagging Dog, and Contact. Culver City's television series includes Las Vegas, Gunsmoke, Cougar Town, Mad About You, Lessi, Hogan Heroes, Batman, Green Hornet, Andy Griffith Show, Homer Pyle, USMC, Jeopardy! , The Danny, Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, Syndicated Wheel of Fortune and Tosh. A. Green Hornet's television series Bruce Lee is described as a caterpillar, he lived in Culver City during his production.

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