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Twin Mattress in Chatsworth

In 1821, after the Spanish Independence's Mexican War, San Fernando's mission became part of Alta-California, Mexico. 1834 The Mexican government began redistributing the Apostolic lands. 1846 The Mexican Land Grant was handed over to the previous mission of Rancho San Fernando by Governor Pio Pico. In the north it borders with Rancho San Francisco and the mountains of Santa Susana, in the mountains of Smy, in the east by Rancho Tugunga and on the south by Montañez de Portesuelo (Santa Monica Mountains). The previous mission of Rancho San Fernando has received a federal land license, in 1873, to maintain the property of the US State Land Committee and California's largest Land Grant. In 1869, the son of Granuler Eulochio F. de Celis returned to Spain from Los Angeles. In 1874, the family sold the northern half of the former Californian Rancho San Fernando mission to Californian Senator Charles McLeire and his colleagues George Porter, a shoe maker in San Francisco and his brother Benjamin F.. Ports. Porters land is located on the modern Sepulveda Boulevard west, including Chatsworth and most of Maclay's land to the east of Sepulveda Boulevard.

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