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Twin Mattress in Burbank

At the same time, the arrival of the railway makes the villagers instantly accessible to the market. Package houses and warehouses were built in railway corridors. Railways have also been able to travel for tourists and immigrants. 1887 The construction of the South-Pacific railway station in Bourgon has been completed. The luxury boom in Los Angeles became a sudden collapse of speculative madness in 1889. Most of the newest wealthy people went crazy. Most of the lot at Barby's was finally sold for taxes. A large number of people will leave the region to the end. 1904 Burbank has become internationally renowned world heavyweight boxing champion James J. Jeffrey, as a large landowner in the city. Jeffrey bought 107 hectares (0.43 sq km) to build a farm on Victory Park. After all, he has been a cattle-breeder and sells it in Mexico and South America, becoming one of the first citizens to engage in foreign trade. At the crossroads of Victory and Buena Vista streets, he built a large farm and slab. The reservoir was removed and rebuilt at the Notta Berry farm in Buenos Aires, California.

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