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Twin Mattress in Bel Air

In the region, external scenes from movies such as Get Shorty have been shot. The Belfast has featured several episodes of The Rockford Films TV show. The television series "Fresh Prince Bel-Air" has been created next to it, although external videos have been shot in nearby Brentwood. 2008 For the first time, the Bel Air film festival is an annual international film festival held in Bel Air and Los Angeles. Health Department of the Los Angeles District Health Department The SPA 5 West Area Health Office serves Bel Air. He is in the 5th district of the City Council, which was presented by Paul Coret. It is located at 90077 (Bel Air Estates & Beverly Glen), which is the city of Los Angeles. The Stone Canyon reservoir is located in the northeastern Bel Air. Established in 1994, it serves about 500,000 people. The Bel Air Association operates since 1942 and has maintained the aesthetics of a residential community. The Bel Air Association is located at Bel Air Road, at the Bel Air East entrance. Los Angeles Fire Station 71 is located in the area. Police services

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