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Stress O Pedic Mattress in Sylmar

The hospital was renamed Olive View - UCLA Medical Center, 1992. On May 19, his involvement with the UCLA Medical School, which included training for practitioners and residents. At Retro's Retro School of Girls, the Girls' School was a boarding school for girls under the care of Los Angeles Courts. It was opened in 1919 and closed in 1961. Building a juvenile hall in 1960 The suggestion from the Los Angeles Regional Hospital's Probation Division, the proposal to build a branch for juveniles on the northern side of San Fernando, led to the resistance of Funduk and Yarnella Streets from thousands of slum residents who were supported by Silmar's Civic Association. The countries acquired three acres of necessary real estate, but had to file a lawsuit against Samuel and Eve de Rozi for 27.5 acres of octets before 1962. The agreement reached in August. In June the foundation was laid for the project. 5, 1963 The first prisoner was in the $ 5 million project, on Ford Street, July 15, 665. Overpopulation:

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