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Stress O Pedic Mattress in Redondo Beach

The United States postal service operates at the Redondo Beach post office at 1201 North Catalina Avenue, in 1715 at Redondo Beach's second post office. 1815, 1872 Artes Boulevard 2215 and Galleria post office at Suite 377D. Boulevard. The Los Angeles County Health Department operates at Torrance Health Center in Los Angeles, Torrance, and serves Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach Police Department The Redondo Beach Police Department was established in the 1920s. The police division consists of 90 judges (officers) and 57 non-oath members. Redondo Beach Public Library The first library in Redondo Beach was opened as a reading hall in 1895. The first library committee of five people was created in 1908. In November. The library was moved to 1909. The western wing of the municipality and finally the entire western wing filled the Emerald Street at 301. 1928 The House of Commerce offered to build a new library where Redondo hotel was occupied by what is now called a veteran garden. The Veteran Garden Library is a Spanish-Dutch colonial structure designed by architect Louise Becher Pemberton and opened in 1930. July 2. It was founded in 1981. It has been listed in the National Historic Sites Register. The city's main library, after 60 years of operation, the area adjacent to the municipality has been determined for a new modern building of the Main Library. Redondo Beach's new main library was opened in 1995. On July 8, 303th N. on the Pacific coast. The North Branch Library was also set up in 1930 and was opened at a grant hall, and then moved to its current location in 1949. On Artesia 2000 Avenue. 2009 A new North Branch library was built, which opened on September 28. , The Northern Branch Library is the first urban green building that has received a Gold LEED certificate. Songs and Videos on TV Movies

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