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Poor sleep quality leads to impotence

Research, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2002, showed that sleep disorders reduce testosterone levels in men, leading to erectile dysfunction.

Bad sleep leads to weight gain

Those who sleep shortly face up to 30% higher risk of being overweight. This is related to the regulation of peptides responsible for taste control. If we sleep shortly, the level of grelin (hunger hormone) rises in our bodies. The higher its level, the more we want to eat.

Poor sleep of a spouse can lead to ... divorce

Of course, this is not a direct dependence, but a whole lot of factors. For example, snoring partners suffer from insomnia three times more often [3]. Sleep disorders in one of the partners affect the same problem with the other partner. It is the interdependence that leads to the deepening of the problem, which is reflected in the emotional and relationship areas.

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