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Stress O Pedic Mattress in Glendale

2000 In June, Los Angeles Times reported that according to the US Census and Glendale cities, the population was about 30% Armenian, 25% white, 25% Hispanic and Hispanic, and 16% asia. The Armenian population has been living in the city since the 1920s, but in the 1970s the increase in immigration was exacerbated. Armenian Americans are well integrated with many businesses, several Armenian schools, and ethnic and cultural organizations serving this ethnic group. Most Armenians in Glendale have come to town in the last two decades. Glendale is one of the largest Armenian communities outside of Armenia. With the help of family and friends from the late 1980s, Armenians from the former USSR have come. In 1988, together with the Middle Eastern students in the Glendale united school, they became the largest ethnic group in public schools, and now many of them are Latin Americans. Glendale became the City Hall of Yerevan with a large number of ethnic Armenians outside of Yerevan. In 2014, the Glendale Police Department spokesman said: "During five to eight years, the community has grown from several thousand to about 40,000." Glendale College Armenian History Professor Levon Marashlian stated that in the early 1990's the Armenian community of Glendale became the largest city in Los Angeles, exceeding the Hollywood's Armenian community. Alisa Petrosyan, Director of Intercultural Education at GUSD, noted that Borkan is in the center of other Armenian communities, so it attracts Armenians. Iran also has a large number of Armenian immigrants, due to religious restrictions and restrictions, the Islamic government immigrated to the United States, many to Glendale, as there were their relatives there.

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