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Do you know that during sleep the body temperature falls? It is a consequence of slowing down physiological functions. While during our daily activities our body temperature usually rises to 36.4-36.9 ° C (measured under the claws), during sleep it decreases by about 0.1-1oC, with the lowest value at around 5am (or two hours before awakening). Thermoregulation of the organism has a great impact on the quality of our sleep. If we are too warm, the REM phase (in which we dream) is significantly shorter (we do not sweat during REM, so the body cannot lower its temperature and therefore this phase is shortened).

Thus, the thermal comfort while sleeping increases the quality of sleep while prolonging the deep sleep phase, during which our organism is best resting and renewing. Research conducted in the Netherlands using thermal overalls has made it possible to observe changes in sleep rhythm from body temperature of the subject. People who slept in thermal overalls to keep their body temperature steady were in the deep sleep phase, and rarely woke up at night. Older people rarely get up too early.

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