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Stress O Pedic Mattress in Burbank

During the Second World War, the whole area of the Lockheed Vega plant was covered by the fraud of the enemy intelligence. The factory was hiding in the vicinity, with rubber cars and peaceful pictures located around the village on flax. Hundreds of artificial trees and shrubs have been organized to make the whole area look three-dimensional. False trees and shrubs have been created from a metal net that is treated with glue and then covered with chicken feathers to impart leaf tissue. Fire hydrants are covered with air currents, Lockheed-Vega's employees will continue to work under the huge camouflage booth designed to hide their factory. Burford Airport passes in 1930 He had five seams spreading in different directions, each 300 meters wide (91 meters wide) and 2600 meters (790 meters in length). It remained until 1934, when it was renamed the Union Air Terminal (1934-1940). Boing builds airplanes on the field. The plane Lockheed has its own airport. Lopez bought the airport in 1940 and was renamed the Lockheed Air Terminal which was known until 1967 when he became a Hollywood-Burbank airport. In 1978, it was renamed into the Bernabank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport (1978-2003) when Lockheed sold it to three California cities for $ 51 million. 2003 In December, the building was renamed the Bob Hope International Airport, owned by a comedian living in the nearby Tulu Lake. In 2005, Burbank and its airport owner, Berbanker-Glendale-Pasadena Airport, reached a development agreement. The agreement prohibits the further expansion of the airport by 2009. Unlike many other California airport airports, Burbank's airport is located on a land that has been used at special airports.

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