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stress o pedic mattress in alhambra

5 negative consequences of poor grate selection

Loss of comfort

The main problem that arises from improper mattress selection is the loss of expected comfort. It happens that the mattress we have tried and tested in the shop seems to be much tougher, less flexible and, in addition, not adapted to our body. Why? Because we put it on a grate that doesn't fit the mattress type. As a result, the considerable amount of money we used to buy seems to be blown up.

Shortening or damaging the mattress life

Another important problem is shortening the life of the mattress. An unsuitable grate under the mattress can lead to unevenness on the surface of the mattress (folds and dents), deformation of the springs (eg in the case of too wide distribution of elastic slats). The biggest mistake is to place the foam mattress on a solid grate.

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