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Spring Air Mattress in Torrance

California State Representation in the Senate of California, Torrance is divided into 26 Senate regions representing Democrat Ben Allen and the 35th Senate, represented by Democrat Stephen Bradford. At the California State Assembly, he is in the 66th District of the Assembly, represented by Democrat Al-Muratsucci. Torrance in the US House of Representatives is divided by the Democratic Congressman Ted Lew and the 43rd Californian Democrat Maxine Watt. General and Secondary Schools The Torrance Unified School District (TUSD) was founded in 1947. And joined in 1948. The area includes the city of Torrance, bordering the Palos Verdere peninsula, in the south, Redondo Beach, and north of Gardena, in the east of Los Angeles and the West Pacific Ocean. The district's jurisdiction includes approximately 21 sq.m. Miles (54 sq km) operates 17 preschools, 8 pupils, 5 secondary schools, one of which is a continuous education school, three adult education centers and a child development center.

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