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Spring Air Mattress in San Fernando

1994 There were 180,000 PK-12 students in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). In the same year, approximately 45,000 students from PK-12 or one in five out of such students took part in more than 200 private schools in the valley. Cultural values in the San Fernando Valley include: The museums in the San Fernando Valley. Conference Center The Marriott Hotel in the San Fernando Valley has a Borgbank conference center east of Benberbank. Performing arts venues in the San Fernando Valley. Performing Arts Areas: Amusement Parks San Fernando has ever been in the valley of an entertainment park in Los Angeles, Van Nozz. Bush's gardens were in the Budweiser brewery, half of the canyon, but in the late 1970s they were torn to prepare for the large-scale brewing expansion.

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