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Spring Air Mattress in Redondo Beach

Community Management 2012 According to the city's comprehensive financial report, the city's revenues amounted to $ 109.5 million, expenditures - $ 106.8 million, total assets - $ 283.1 million, total liabilities - $ 66.3 million, cash and investments - $ 79.5 million. One of California's medical districts, located on Redondo Beach, is a seaside town health resort. Created in 1955 as a South Bay hospital, provide medical and recreational services to the residents of Hermoso, Manhattan Beach and Redondo Beach. 1993 The district has received its current name. 2002 AdventurePlex, the Manhattan Beach fitness center, opened at the Beach Cities Health District, off the coastal towns of the youth and their three families. AdventurePlex has mazes, tunnels, open-air walls, rotating tornadoes and indoor gym.

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