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Spring Air Mattress in Pacoima

Davit M. Gonzalez's recreational center, which opened on June 1, 1950 as a Pacoim recreational center, was reunited on June 1, 1990. The transfer is dedicated to the death of World War II soldier David M. Luzon. Gonzalez's memorial plaque. There is a hall, a closed gym and a basketball court. In addition, the center has an outdoor gym, lighted baseball diamond, basketball and dance courts and a football field. There are also banquet tables, children's playground and lounge. The Gonzalez Recreation Center is also used as a Los Angeles police ceasefire. Originally, the Park of Park, Richie Walesa Park, the Leisure Center and the Pool are located near the northern end of Paco. The Valencian Park has an impressive list of indoor and outdoor gym, illuminated and wireless baseball diamonds, indoor basketball courts and outdoor lighted basketball courts, children's playground, common room, indoors, cuisine, racetrack, picnic tables, football field light, stage and lighted tennis frogs. Outdoor swimming pool is seasonal and wireless. Richard Ardon, a member of the Los Angeles City Council, who introduced Parcoime in the 1990s, suggested changing the name Paxton Park in honor of Richie Walesa. In 1994, Hugo Martin from the Los Angeles Times said that Alarcon suggested renaming Pacoima's residents "to remember Wallen's humble background and to imitate his achievements." The annual Ritchie Valens Fest festival was created in 1994 in honor of renaming the park.

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