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Spring Air Mattress in Malibu

In the state legislature, Malibu is in the 27th district of the Senate, by Democrat Henry Sether and the 50th Democrat Democrat Richard Bloom. In the US House of Representatives, Malibu is in the 33rd District of California, where Cook's PVI is D + 16 and is represented by Democrat Ted Lew. The inhabitants of Malibu tend to be politically liberal, like the majority of the Los Angeles region. 60% of voters in Malibu are in 2004 Presidential candidates John Kerry and 39% - are acting George Bush-Bush. Fire protection is provided by the Los Angeles Fire Department. Los Angeles Sheriff's Sheriff Division (LASD) operates in the Malibu station / Calabasas, which serves Malibu with a contract with the city. The 5th Western Region Healthcare Office of the Health Department of Los Angeles County Health Department serves Malbui. The division operates in the Center of Santa Monica Sims / Man Wellness and Wellness, serving Malibu.

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