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spring air mattress in elysian park

It is the ideal solution for those who prefer a bed without a traditional frame and at the same time want to keep the storage space under the bed.

Continental Bed (Boxspring) The big advantage of a non-frame bed is the smaller space requirement, which is especially important in a small bedroom where every centimeter is counted. If the dimension is not a priority, the advantage of a non-frame bed is the possibility of using a larger mattress to create a larger sleeping area (the bed width is the same as the mattress width).

It is the most advanced sleeping system with a specific design, composed of two, sometimes up to three kinds of mattresses.

The boxspring (literally "spring box") is located at the bottom. It is a spring construction mattress. The average boxspring height is 30 to 35 cm and its task is to create a base under the mattress.

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