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Spring Air Mattress in El Monte

The Mountain View School District is a K-8 school district that includes ten elementary schools, one secondary school, one high school, an alternative educational program for 5-8th grade students, and a children's center and a pre-school preschool program. There are 8,600 students in the district. El Monti serves by Metro, Foothill Transit and the city-controlled El Monte Transit. The Silver Metro ends at El Monte station. El Monte train is on MetroLink's San Bernardino metro line, which stops at El Monte station. Interstate 10 Sections of El Monte: San Gabriel Valley Airport, a civil airport, is located in El Monte. The Los Angeles County Health Department operates in Monrovia's Monrovia Health Center, serving El Monte. El Monte is a comprehensive medical and demographic center in Ramona Boulevard. El Monte. It offers medical and dental services for low-income people, but it's not an emergency room.

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