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Spring Air Mattress in Culver City

The town of Culver in Los Angeles is located in the 2nd observatory, represented by Mark Ridley-Thomas. In California's legislative body, Culver City is located in the 30th district of the Senate, represented by Holly Mitchell, a Democrat in Sydney, and the 54th Congressional Assembly. In the US House of Representatives, Culver City is located in the 37th Congress of California, by Democrat Karen Bass. The Los Angeles District Health Department's Health Department's SPA 5 Western Area Health Office serves Culver City. The department is managed by the Santma Monika Sims / Man's Health and Wellness Center, serving the city of Culver. The United States Postal Service operates at Culver City post office at 11111 Jefferson Boulevard and Gateway Post Office at Culver 9942 Boulevard.

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