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Spring Air Mattress in Arcadia

In California's legislative body, Arcadia is in the 22nd district of the Senate, represented by Democrat Susan Rouboyo and the 49th Assembly of the Assembly, represented by Democrat Ed Chaw. Arcadia in the US House of Representatives is located in California's 27th district, where Cook's PVI is D +11 and is represented by Democrat Judy Chu. Arcadia has several main roads, including Foothill Boulevard and Huntington Drive. It also serves the Piedmont highway (I-210). Metro Gold Line, in 2016, Metro opened the new light rail station at Arcadia. Arcadia station is located on the north-west intersection of 1st Avenue and Santa Clara Streets and serves the golden subway. For primary and secondary education, the city serves the Arkady School. The AUSD reading rate exceeds the state average by 76.6%, and the math is higher than 67.9% at the state level. 88% of Arcadia students are expected to attend public schools and 12% to private and / or specialized institutions.

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