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Serta Mattress in West Hollywood

Legislation prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is widely recognized as the most difficult one in the country. The city is also one of the 92 countries where sex or gender discrimination is illegal in the country. City legislation also prohibits the sale of pistols, prohibits smoking in public places, and is restricted to direct or indirect business (through providers) from any city that is known to be human rights violations. In addition, the city is California's 19th, which has banned the use of gas pumps for leaves. The city has developed a law that animals should be called "companions" and their owners as "guardians", and the country's first city that banned the cat cat. In 2011, West Hollywood became the first US city to sell clothing with natural animal fur. The ban has come into force in 2013. September 21. 2014 year In May, the US District Court of California was able to make a decision against a local business, which was contrary to the constitution.

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