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serta mattress in el monte

Fortunately, modern technologies penetrate into all fields, so Materasso professional mattress dealers are now newly equipped with a special X-SENSOR blanket. It is interwoven with pressure sensors of 2,440 and connected to a computer. On the monitor, one skilled in the art can see the exact "map" of the user's pressure transfer to the mattress.

This map then determines the ideal mattress for the person. This measurement is very accurate and useful because every person is original and it is hard to guess which mattress will provide his body with ideal support.

Where are mattress suitability measurements? See the list of places where mattress suitability is measured.

Source: www.materasso.sk

How to properly determine the dimensions of the mattress

You can calculate the minimum length of the mattress that suits you easily. To your amount just add so-called. space. It is approximately 25 centimeters in length and corresponds to the length of the stretched foot.

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