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Serta Mattress in Burbank

The expansion of the airport's facilities began in 2012. In August, when construction began near the Empire Avenue, the Mediterranean Regional Transportation Center (RITC), directly opposite the Hollywood Burbank Hollywood Airport Railway Station. RITC It opened in June. RITC connects the airport with other transport systems, including bus lines, routes for taxi, as well as Amtrak and Metrolink railway services, and includes an airport terminal to a terminal building. The area is also planned as a multi-storey parking lot. Additionally, the airport has allocated $ 3.5 million to Metrolink, which will build a bridge to the south-west from Ritss to the Metropolitan and the Amrakech Railway Station. The RITC totaled $ 112 million. The United States and includes a combination of at least nine different brands of car hire. RITC will also serve as a command center for emergency operations. Returning to the number of recent passengers, the airport reported that by 2015, In the first seven months, the number of passengers increased by 2.4% as compared to the same period last year. This was due to slower passenger traffic trends since 2007. Passenger traffic continues to grow in 2017, when the airport announced that the total number of passengers increased by 14.4 percent over the year, reaching more than 4.7 million. However, the airport continues to remain in 2007. Less than the registered 5.9 million passengers. One of the reasons for the downfall is the lack of flights from the airport.

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