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Scandinavian Mattress in West Hollywood

Western Hollywood law covers the enormous zone of zoning. The city created a comfortable housing foundation in 1986, requiring developers to provide affordable apartments for new projects or to pay a city instead of directing them to other affordable housing projects. 2007 On October 1, West Hollywood adopted one of the country's first "green" construction regulations. Traffic disruption, public transport and parking are the main issues in the city as it is between cities, like the Great Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. east and Los Angeles in the west, Hollywood Hills is a natural obstacle in the north. Santa Monica Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard are important arches from the east to the west of the Metropolitan area, and Laurel Canyon Boulevard is a popular road through the hills. About 600 employees and 260 buses from the 7th district of LACMTA are based on first-class real estate near the beaches of San Vicente and Santa Monica. The Crenshaw / LAX Line Hollywood / Highland Station can be extended either along the edge of West Hollywood.

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