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Scandinavian Mattress in Pasadena

The Pacific Ocean Museum presents artwork from many Asian countries and cultures in the garden yard. California's Art Museum in Pasadena welcomes a number of historical and contemporary Californian painters. The Weapons Arts Center has an extensive exhibition program that is also an art education center for all ages. Design College Art Center is showing at its Williams Gallery, as well as frequent student workshops. The Pasadena College has an art gallery where artists' works are presented as part of the annual program of artists, as well as students and teachers. The Huntington Library and the botanical gardens of the painting and sculpture galleries are located next to Pasadena, San Marino. Innovative Kidspace Children's Museum is located in Brookside Park. One of the largest independent art publishers in the western coast of the West Coast, Red Hengar's literature, is located in Pasadena. The press annually publishes more than twenty titles of poetry, fiction and non-art, as well as two-year literary magazine "Los Angeles Revision."

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