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Some medicines or drug combinations may also cause sleep and night wake problems. Therefore, the doctor should be thoroughly informed or read the package leaflet about the side effects of the medicine.

How to Take Care of Sleeping Senior?

Problems with sleeping in the elderly have many causes. Can they be prevented? Fortunately, yes.

Proper Sleep HygieneIt is important to determine the cause of these problems. If an elderly person is often drunk during the day, he does not need many hours of sleep at night, which is manifested by insomnia and night waking. In this case it will help if the senior increases his / her daily activity - eg. through additional interest activities.

The room in which we sleep is to be ventilated so that the temperature in it is asleep (in the case of seniors, it may be a little warmer, although in a cooler room it is easier to fall asleep). Seniors should not drink plenty of fluids at bedtime and consume hard-to-digest food, as they will find it more difficult to fall asleep.

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