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When we put the newborn on his back and find that his head is always turned to one side, the torso turned, the hands and the legs as well, while on the other hand they are outstretched, we say that the baby is not symmetrical. It means that his nose, chin, middle of his chest, navel, and lone clasp are not in one line. Although this condition is physiologically conditioned in the neonate and the child "grows" out of it, in some cases this asymmetry may persist.

Long-term positional asymmetry prevents the child from developing properly and may lead to an incorrect physical attitude in the future.

the baby more often spontaneously lies on one side, is difficult for him, or fails to turn the head to the other side, we notice that the head is flattened on the side, we notice from the top that the baby's head is not oval but flattened, we notice asymmetry on the face - we feel that one eye is bigger and one cheek wider, the three-month-old baby's hull is not straight, but creates the letter CO asymmetry can be when:

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